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Dhs. 243.00

Desire is a meticulously curated extrait de parfum that artfully blends the most exquisite raw materials to craft an irresistible olfactory masterpiece.

With unparalleled attention to detail, this fragrance combines rare and precious elements sourced from around the world.

Each note harmoniously intertwines, creating a symphony of scent that envelops the senses in a captivating and luxurious experience.

Top notes :

  • Cognac Oil, Caramel

Middle notes :

  • Oak absolute, Cinnamon essence, Tonka bean

Base notes :

  • Sandalwood, Praline, Vanilla.

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Dhs. 243.00


Toxic Desire, an irresistible fragrance that captivates with its powerful and sophisticated allure.


The opening notes of cognac oil create a natural caramel
hue, hinting at the indulgence that awaits. Oak absolute, cinnamon essence,
and Tonka bean absolute intertwine to create an intoxicating aura that is both
alluring and mysterious. As the scent evolves, the base notes of sandalwood,
praline, and vanilla take center stage, creating a delectable and irresistible

‎ تمنحك نفحات زيت الكونياك الافتتاحية إحساسًا طبيعيًا بالكراميل، مما يلمح إلى المتعة الفاخرة. يمتزج خشب البلوط والقرفة وفول التونكا ليخلقوا رائحة آسرة وغامضة. تبرز قاعدة العطر بخشب الصندل والبرالين والفانيليا لتمنحك ختامًا دافئًا وجذابًا لا يقاوم.


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